Thursday, 5 March 2015

The UK

No matter what I have said before about Scotland, or even England, I am still extremely proud about the way we run things here. For example we do not shoot lefties on sight [like Germany and Spain have done] okay the internment of jewish refugees from Europe seems, in hindsight, a bit inforgivable, and it is, but it is a rare exception in our treatment of johnny foreigner.

I am minded to say this since the main exponent of turfing out johnny foreigner is currently Nigel Farage Esq. Farage! I hear you cry, hardly a British name? And you would be correct, the ancestors of Mr Farage were Huguenots, a French Protestant group which were at the end of such persecution at the hands of the French state that they decided it was better to leave than to stay. Many found homes in the UK, many others in the Colonies [ask yourself why so many Afrikaaners have French surnames].

What I am saying is simply this, the four countries of the UK [well, maybe not Northern Ireland] have always been tolerant of other cultures, do not now allow a descendent of immigrants to tell us how we are against immigration.

[BTW I include myself in the descendent of immigrants, I just think we should be nice to folk]

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Case for Scottish Indepence

Now I must admit that I am somewhat in favour of Scottish Independence! I am not one of the 45, I would never badger another into voting for Scottish Independence, and I am not sure it would be the best thing to do, either economically or socially, but I am still in favour of Scottish Independence.

Up until now I have not been able to give a good argument for Scottish Independence other than 'subsidiarity' [that is the concept that government is better when it is closer to the people it governs] but something changed recently.

Yesterday [Tuesday 3rd March 2015] it emerged that the Football Association of England intends to put forward a team to qualify for the Olympic Tournament in Brazil in 2018: since the only football association in the UK affiliated to the IOC is the English FA, this would mean the Olympic movement recognising England as the de facto representative body for football in the whole United Kingdom!

Think about that people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland! Think about England representing you at high level meetings, think for five minutes about how much the English FA cares about football outside England .......

We already know that the English FA only cares about Rangers and Celtic when it comes to UK football outside of England, and that is only because they are the only teams with crowds large enough for the English FA to want to get a peice of it! Now I do not castigate the English FA, they, after all wish to look after Football in England, but that is the important bit, they look after England! This is not "Better Together"! This movement is for the betterment of England, not for UK football. And since the IOC only recognises the English FA there is nothing we can do except break from the status quo.

As I said before, until now I had no good argument for Scottish [and Welsh & Irish] Independence, but now the English FA is a serious threat to FIFA recognising Scotland as a seperate Footballing Nation. Many will call your bluff and say that this is nothing: the IOC & FIFA are two entirely different groups of self-interested bloodsuckers, but we all know the big teams in FIFA detest having to play wee nations as they bring in less money from TV rights, they much rather only play England/UK than 'minnows'.

But worse, when the English FA selected a team for the 2014 London Olympics they categorically stated that this was a one-off since there UK had qualified by right of being hosts, whilst the Scottish FA held firm and had nothing to do with it, the Welsh FA relented, and gave its consent based upon the English FA's promises. England has now broken their promise, not even two years after the last Olympic Games, what did you expect from a dominant neighbour who has no real interest in the integrity of a whole where the three minor partners do not even add up to the largest? That would be like expecting that the Leaders of the political parties in the UK to put in place their pre-referendum pledges to give Scotland greater autonomy after a no vote: we haven't heard much about that since September, have we?

Do not trust them, they are trying to undermine one of our most important assets: they are trying to undermine our Football team!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

The England World Cup Top 2015 [Cricket]

I have been following the ICC World Cup from the start, but although I understand why England have been even poorer than Scotland from the start, I was yet to understand why the England team were wearing synchronised sweat stains on their shirts.

Do we look N'Sync?

But I think I have it, after England's three disastrous defeats to their alleged peers, they are clearly the sign of the team vomiting upon themselves in disgust at how poor they actually are.

I just 'lurve' your vomit stains

It is cool, England, stop practicing at how bad you can look in defeat, and practice playing cricket, then you might get less bog awful!