Sunday, 22 February 2015


This England side is not a good side, they are playing against Scotland in the World Cup. Now lets us mull that one over: The English team are professional, they play cricket for a living, they know nothing but cricket: the Scotland, yes some of them play professionally, but they are largely County players but they turn up for th,eir country.

But this is where the whole shizza turns were Scotland to turn up a good bowler England would poach him, it is not like they have South Africans. If the tables were turned? No, England pick non-English folk who ply their trade in England, and who can blame the Scots/Irish cricketers for trying to earn a living in English Cricket?

But there needs to be limits, Irish/Scots cricketers in English Cricket ought still be Irish/Scottish never English, it was never the ruination of Irish Cricket, but the fact that three of their players are now "English" hinders the Irish team, and still England are poor!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Robert Peston

I am sorry Robert Peston

The simple fact is that you do not have a clue about what you are talking, you have simply learned classical economics and have repeated it since.

You say things like deflation is bad because it will put off consumers from buying goods now, but this idiotic concept makes it sound like people who are paid on the weekly can put off their food shopping for a year, the larger economy might like us to stop eating, and only buy TVs but this cannot work.

Deflation helps the poorest day to day, but you do not adress this in your pieces to R4, you say what is best for the wealthy, who have looked after themselves.