Thursday, 15 January 2015

Cricket on 5Live

I am getting a bit tired of the cricket coverage on "the UK's News & Sport Network", as it only seems to include one part of the UK: England. Now I am not asking for full coverage of all of Scotland & Ireland's matches, I know that they do not have the broadcast rights for Scotland's matches. But on a day [well night] when 5Live Sports Extra broadcast the entirety of an England practice match against an Australian Capital Territory XI, which will never count in the statistics since it was thirteen a side, the Sports News never once mentioned that Scotland and Ireland were playing a full One Day International [albeit in Dubai].

I know it is not as popular up here, but you could at least mention that it happened, otherwise some might take it that England does not appreciate the international game, and instead just care about playing Australia & India [and India only for the huge sums of money they get for selling the TV rights there], then again, if you had read up on the stitch up job "the big three" did on everyone else, especially the small teams, you would have the same opprobrium for English Cricket as I do.

Now, I will have to check up on how Scotland is doing out in the Middle East.