Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Working Classes

Well, I was listening to the radio today [no surprise there for a chap without a telly] and I heard a person say that "working class people are no longer respected", well I hate to tell you, don't get out of your fifties myth, it is in your own head.

People who are in powerful positions tell Working Class people that they are respected in order that they shut up, nothing more-nothing less. Nobody apart from the working class ever respected the working class.

Now, get over your self-righteousness and either work or break something.

Today's polemic is now over

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Scottish Referendum 2014

I have taken nearly a week to mull this over [and I will say I am dissapointed in the 55%], but it is over for the moment. I was especially disappointed in the electorate of Falkirk for their choice. Look, I never thought it would be better under self-rule, I never thought it would be worse, I thought it would be better if we took some responsibility upon ourselves instead of blaming it on London, or Westminster, or whatever. No matter what it would have been way more interesting than the hum-drum we have returned to, but the people were not up for it, so ....

First things first, when we chose we knew about politicians, that they are liars, within hours of the result coming in the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was changing the terms of the so-called 'cast-iron' promise he had made a week before; at first it was 'if you vote no we will put in train Devo Max", now it is "we can't devolve more power to Scotland without resolving the English Question". No, you squirming fat little git who does not deserve your Scottish name, put in motion your promise!! By all means fix the problem of assymetrical devolution in the UK especially when it comes to England, but do not shirk on your promise [and do not forget that Scotland voted in 1997 for devolution, and that through the Scotland Office there was already an infrastructure for the Scottish Executive to assume the controls, whereas when the North-East were given the opportunity for an elected assembly assuming the power [plus more] of their Regional Development Authority [remember plus more powers] the people of Tyne-Tees said no by 78% to 22%, so that would need a new referendum].

If not regionalisation in England, then surely you will have to strip the powers from the London Assembly [or vice versa dissallow London MPs to vote on matters over which the London Assembly have power, yet MPs in Wiltshire [or even the Orkneys do not], you see the can of worms you are opening. Constitutional matters cannot be done on the "back of a fag packet". As much as this saddens me, If we are going to correct the current constitutional imbalance then I agree with Milliband, it needs a Constitutional Convention to work out all the ramifications of all, the shifts in power. Hey Spain did it in 1978: they agreed that certain things were available for the provinces to do for themselves, but that they would only be transferred from the centre when the province, the centre & the Constitutional Court agreed it was both feasible and relevant. So you have about twenty different provinces with about twenty different levels of autonomous competence. Everything else is done from Madrid.

So, all I can say now, is that the majority of those who voted no will be deid in twenty years [as might I] and you will not hold back the tide, by thinking "what aboot ma pension!"

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Certain Chanels only sell themselves by talking incessantly about the English Premier League

Okay, from what I am hearing on the radio [personalities & chanels will remain nameless] Manchester Untied have a problem in replacing the holes in their team left by senior players moving elsewhere [be it to another club or retirement], yes well, I did not need a pundit to inform me of the bleeding obvious.

However, by concentrating on Manchester Untied it highlights the other bleeding obvious: that when Manchester Untied sign a player, it causes a hole in another team, who then have to plug that hole, and I know clubs are often recompensed with a transfer fee, but money does not instantly create a brand new holding midfielder [or whatever], to suddenly fill that gap. What happens, is that the selling club goes out to look for a replacement, and when they sign one, another club loses a player, but them wee clubs ain't sexy, so no media specials on their search for a holding midfielder [or whatever].

This also belies the fact that when Manchester Untied [or whoever] buy a player from Blyth Spartans [or whoever], everyone knows that Blyth Spartans [or whoever] have just recieved a windfall, so up their prices. I am sorry, the problems that affect the big clubs also affect the wee clubs, if it was not this way, the mighty biter Luis Suarez would still be playing with his local club in Uruguay.

And when I am on the point of broadcasters & Manchester Untied [or whoever], the G in the Dutch language is pronounced as a voiced velar fricative [sorry for the Phonetic Speak], not as a voiced velar plosive, oh, and his first name is NOT the same name as Louis Armstrong. Just saying!