Sunday, 22 June 2014


I was somewhat taken aback by the revelation that Poland [in concert with the German Government] took advantage of the German annexation of the Sudetenland to annex Carpathia at the same time, for some reason we are taught in school that Poland are ever the victims, never the aggressors in the mid 20th Century, but not so it seems. Long before the Brest-Litovsk Treaty, Poland was well happy enough to deal with Germany for the partition of Cheko-Slovakia.

Yes they paid for it in the end, but remember that pre-WWII there was East Prussia, part of Germany, the other side of the Danzig Corridor, which is now modern day Poland. If you take in mind the expulsion of the German speakers from Prussia; today this would be called Ethnic Cleansing, but the Poles are nice as they tell us in school.


Ah, it is a great word: Blackwash. It refers to the West Indies team of 1984 who beat England 5-0 in five tests and none of them were close. To understand it all you have to go back to the Windies tour of Australia 1975/76, when Lillee & Thomson right royally screwed a Windies team still playing by the MCC Handbook [two fast bowlers, a medium pacer & a spinner, with a bits & peices player if needed]; after that debacle, according to legend Clive Lloyd [the Captain] said something akin to "F**k this for giggles" from now on we are going to have four very fast, generally tall, bowlers, they are going to intimidate the batsmen [when Viv Richards is not intimidating their bowlers].

The establishment did that 'not cricket' thing, but the Windies steamrollered them on the field of play. If I am reborn, I hope it is in the 1970s in the Windies ......

Graeme 'Foxy' Fowler said upon questions of whether he was good enough to open for England v the Windies - "I'm not sure I am". He was one of the best England had, he just knew how good they were.

Saturday, 21 June 2014


am listening to Richard Bird on batting, he says most important is yer feet, no Dickie, I disagree is yer off-stump.

A Copa do Mundo No Brasil 2014 II

I never knew the World Cup could become so interesting after the early exit of the Representatives of the FA. Do not get me wrong, I am never anti-English sporting sides, I might be bitter, twisted & fickle, but hey, I care as much about football outside Stirlingshire as I do about the East Sussex/West Sussex Netball rivalry, I appreciate that it exists, but .... what the fuck do you want me to do about it.

English media is my problem, yes I am lapping up the schadenfreude just now, but generally it is ridiculous. Yes you have one of the best leagues in the World, but that is not simply to do with the importation of Foreign talent [though that does count]. The reason England is not as good as their fans wish is not to with foreigners, it is because English players are not good enough [we got that in Scotland a while ago] if your players were good enough, you would not import talent, just get over this fact, and until your football clubs decide upon progession in place of success you will continue to import talent.

But it is really fantastic to listen to such bone-headed notions from the great unwashed such as they are paid too much thus they no longer care about the shirt [they have no pride]: whilst ignoring the fact that Suarez of Uruguay [who effectively removed England from the World Cup] is paid approximately a quarter of a million pounds [after tax] per week yet Liverpool [his club] is in England, and he doesn't seem to let the money phase him.

Maybe it is an English thing?

Friday, 20 June 2014

A Copa Do Mundo No Brasil 2014

I am going to get the first thing off my chest first: I am not really sure if the BBC have quite enough people, enough boots on the ground, in Brasil, I mean, very good back up play by BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour to send Jane Garvey in reserve [I am sure the fact that she is married to Adrian Chiles has nothing to do with it]. I don't think there are enough bodies from Radio 3 there, and the beeb ought be ashamed for this oversight. Come on, taxpayers do not hand over their cash to have people in London.

The recurring theme of this World Cup by the muppets [oops pundits] seems to be if you took out [insert three World class players] from [insert country]'s side then they would be quite ordinary: Yes, but why would they leave out their best players? And had they left out their best players, do you not think they may not have qualified for the Competition? Of course if you omit the special, you are left with the ordinary, do not tell me that, because the best players ARE playing [as England found out last night].

This and the fact that it is a wholly media managed event which ignores the protests which are purposely kept away from the stadia by a police force which has no good reputation, thus ignored by the big news organisations: shame on you BBC, chasing ratings over news. Leave the ground, look at the turmoil on the streets and not at the inside of your luxury coach between stadium/hotel/media centre.

                             ORDEM E PROGRESSO?

I still do not understand why I should give a fuck about Ecuador v Columbia.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


You know, it could be acceptable if those capitalist fucks, said something like "if we do not like your form of Government, we will not conduct trade with you", for those countries who are not nice, but then they turn round & kiss the feet of china & saudi arabia, so you can tell they only chase the money.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

TV Licensing peoples

Since I moved into the People's Socialistic Independent Republic of My Flat [Revolutionary] I have been recieving letters from the TV Licensing peoples mostly they started with "We have noted that you do not have a TV Licence at this address, blah". I looked at them, then discarded.

Then they got a bit more threatening, "if you do not pay up we will send a bloke round" [I paraphrase], ooh, I'm scared.... at the same time as this, they also said if I did not have a TV they would send a bloke round to check: erm, so if I do something you send a bloke round, if I do nothing you send a bloke round ... you'll never guess I opted for the doing nothing.

Now I am getting letters saying they are going to take me to court [more fool them] but they now send me letters [now with red ink, gasp] saying "This is what to expect in court" 1) you can appoint a lawyer to represent you 2) if your property still needs a TV Licence, you still need to buy one.

Umm whit??????? They are what I should expect in court? not like judges & formality & shit? Not jurisprudence, no I can expect the ability to appoint a lawyer, and in the highly unlikely position that I may lose buying a TV licence...... FFS.

On the first hand do not be stupid wasting time, effort & money in taking this to court, you will lose. Two, there is no Television in the People's Socialistic Independent Republic of My Flat [Revolutionary], this is not some kind of ethical standpoint, I just really like Radio.

Friday, 6 June 2014


So, because it is 70 years ago, so I am meant to fall in line and applaud our rich people [Winston Churchill] telling our poor working classes to go and shoot at their working classes? Is them having a fucking larff??

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Open Letter to President Obama

President Obama, after hearing you painfully worded response to the question on Scottish Independence, I hereby ask you to keep the fuck out of this. Externally, the US looked good in the 50s, although some people might have raised questions.

the callow attempt to erase the past

Oh my dear petit bourgeois ..... you did something a while ago, and it went on one of your soshul meeja accounts, or someone else's, and now you are older and now regret it. But whenever anyone searches your name up it pops. Oh, my god!, you were a spanner as a teenager! Because you were the only one!

Shut up you whining little idiots! Do not blame google for your own actions! Face up to the truth, you did it, you posted it, whatever. There are a lot of things about me out there on the internet which sometimes I would rather other people never knew about, but …. you know, they are fact, I said/did/posted it, meh!

Besides removing things from the google index was a ruling of the EU, so does not affect search engines elsewhere, if you want to know about somebody's murky past just use Duckduckgo, Yandex or Baidu.

On things I would rather not be in google try this

Meh! It was a long time ago! I will not deny that it happened though!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Tesco - Capitalism Red in Tooth & Claw

So, yesterday, I heard all over Radio 4, a version of the lovely "What do we do about Maria?" except for Tesco .... Erm, Tesco is still there, and if people cared they would still go .... I went yesterday, as did many others who wished to do their shopping.

Umm, Tesco profits were down 4% on the previous quarter, the shareholders might not like it, but some people shopped otherwhere, this is not a crisis for the BBC on their news, they still made vast profits on the three months.

PM - Stop asking middle class tossers about whether or not they want 'Market Lanes" and stick to the numbers .... vast profit less 4% is still a vast profit.