Friday, 23 May 2014

Melt-Banana - Mono - Glasgow - 22nd May 2014

Well, I am not going to say that I can now die happy that I have seen Melt-Banana [I will still die a miserable tosser] but I am relieves to have been able to see them. Melt-Banana, are not that kind of band, to quite understate the FACT, Melt-Banana are not everyone's cup of tea.

pic stolen from Michael Briggs' instagram [I like this pic]

I do not really know how to describe the band except in occasional adjectives: noisy; alternative; reclusive; talented; Japanese. That sort of sums them up. And if you do not get an idea of them from that, then you probably listen to very different music than I [which seems to be a lot of people].

I first came across the band trying to find Machinguru [but that is for a whole different Japanese movie conversation] on the web, and somebody had made a Melt-Banana v Machinguru mash-up for youtube, I was smited! This band will never be huge, unless you take their massive US following into account, but you get the feeling that if they wanted to be huge they might be doing something else. For a start their website might have moved from the Japanese version of geocities [which amazingly is still going].

Mono is a great venue for bands with no pretensions to mega-stardom, intimate, and suited Melt-Banana just fine. The band themselves were very good, musically very tight [god knows how they do it with the stoppy, starty, change of pace nature of their music? practice I suppose] they stuck to their 2-3 minute songs for the most part, so you get plenty of songs for the hour long set, and played all of their "hits" [ahem!], apart, sadly, from RRaGG [which is my own favourite], but you can't have everything. Most of the set was built around the best tunes on Bambi's Dilemma [but it is a masterpiece after all].

All in all, if it were not for weedgie stagediver [do you know which Century this is you wanker?] fucking up their amps for about five minutes it would have been flawless [in a Melt-Banana sense of course], everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and this is the main thing. Just one piece of advice to the Glasgow commoner [and that is a lot of Glasgow!], there is no need for you to bring all your worldly belongings to an intimate gig in a wee venue, then put it in a rucksack, then wear said rucksack throughout the set! Now I know I am well behind the latest Weedgie trends, but please kill this one dead!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

You and Yours 15th May 2014

Now You and Yours is going on about Tesco Metro selling sandwiches in London [no shit from Radio London] but, erm did I miss something.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Kelly Cates - Radio Five Live 606

Now I am not a person to be against a female football presenter, FFS I hate the blokes, so anyone else is welcome. But Kelly Cates, your incessant giggling at anything Ian Wright says lessens your role, now if he was funny I could see it, but he is not.

Friday, 9 May 2014

BBC Radio 4 - Ukraine - Week Starting 5th May 2014

I have been hearing throughout this week about the machinations between Putin & NATO about the situation in the East of Ukraine. He did this, he didn't to that, blah, blah, blah. But throughout it all I have heard the same refrain.

On the idea that the people in the East of Ukraine might hold a referendum on their own future, the BBC have repeatedly said "such a Referendum would be illegal" or "an illegal referendum" and words to such effect.

This is insidious journalistic bias, a referendum in itself is never illegal [unless there is a specific law on referendums], it simply has no legal status, therefore is not legally binding. These are two different things: and even if it were, it would be called a plebiscite.

BBC, do your job, report the news. Do not give your twopennethworth on those news, do not opine, say "they intend to hold a referendum", then possibly add that the Ukrainian Government does not need to pay heed to it.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Food Programme Awards 2014 - BBC Radio 4 05/05/2014

Yes, I know Sheila Dillon that you did not seek common oiks for you ridiculous programme: wherein upper middle class people complain that food is generally so common these days that you have to travel to find different types of cuisine from around the World.

Now ... I can be quite stupid, but do you not think that people on the Minimum Wage would prefer to eat better food, and might also be willing to travel to sample some of it were it not that they were simply trying to have food [End of]!

However, there is a common oik who listens to Radio 4, and is disgusted at the way you talk about food! You only have you lovely lifestyle due to the Industrial Revolution and the Land Enclosures which forced people into the cities to take minimal wages from where they had do buy the food which offered best value, the "Dark, Satanic Mills" were never a place to breed a nation of gourmands.

Get over yourself, I would have died on a diet of Chorizo, Salami & fine red wine several years ago were it possible on my income, you live in Ivory Towers. When people have enough spare cash, and time, to travel and eat good food then they will, until then, you will continue to make your living from the toil of the ordinary people!

I think I put across how much I dislike this programme here, and today's one hour 'special' tipped me over the edge!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Edwin Muir, Scottish Journey, 1935

"As I neared Stirling I could see on my right a cloud of dense darkness, which showed where Falkirk lay around its furnaces. I decided I had seen enough of this ravaged country, and as I drove into Stirling with its bright, solid country town air, I felt as if I had been wandering in a strange World and was back again in the Scotland I knew."

Oops, sorry Edwin for the audacity of people to make stuff for a job, in Scotland of all places! Clearly this will never happen again.

Didn't mind it when Falkirk was making arms and explosives for the War soon to come though .....