Monday, 31 March 2014

Victor Gollancz & George Orwell

Was listening to Radio 4 the other day [no surprise there] and they played a piece on Victor Gollancz as a publisher. Now some of you may know Gollancz, some of you will not. He was Orwell's publisher.

However Gollancz was a card carrying Communist and Orwell was ... not.

When it came to the publication of Animal Farm, Victor turned it down [according to some on orders of the CP] so Arthur Eric Blair had to find another publisher, Secker & Warburg. It is a sad admission that the left are always too busy infighting to face the true fight, that of inequality.

It is sad, because Victor Gollancz published books by many an obscure lefty in his 'Left Book Club' at his own cost, but his sectarian cleaving to a singular party meant he missed one of the best lefty books of all time.

We, the left, are singularly fucked up, since we are forever in an internecine fight about this and that, and never concentrating on the defeat of the right.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Howling Jingoes

I like to read a load of lefty [I like to say izquierdista] old tosh, not the dry stuff about historical empiricism or  materialism in any of its forms. I like ideas, I guess there is a romantic in me somewhere :/. So this week I have been reading "Socialism since 1899" by James D Young [he was from Falkirk you know, wrote a book on C.L.R.James], the book is mainly biographies of socialist thinkers, but the good thing is that it has a strong emphasis on those before the the Third International [the Comintern] imposed Bolshevik Discipline and snuffed out many of the different [often contradictory] strands which added lustre to the Second International [which was brilliantly flawed through its diversity] which sadly was torn apart in the magnifying glass of the First World War.

I was looking for more insight into Antonio Gramsci in particular, but was caught by the disparate attitudes of early socialists in their attempts to reconcile internal conflicts as to the different facets of the struggle, and in particular by James Connolly's [today unthinkable] merging of the Secular Socialism and Irish Nationalism, this would have been impossible in the later discipline of "The Left", and is strange since Connolly, born and raised in Edinburgh, would have mixed with the Scottish Left and their blind hatred of religion.

There is no satisfactory explanation forthcoming, James Connolly just seems to have believed in both, and got round it. But since the closest he came to explaining it came in my home town, I will pass on the words of  Tom Bell who was a friend and colleague in the Independent Labour Party -

"I remember challenging him one day, after a meeting at Falkirk Cross when the question was hotly debated by some orangemen who were in the crowd, and asking him how he could reconcile being a Catholic and an exponent of the materialist conception of history. His reply was that in Dublin the children who go to Catholic school invariably turn out to be rebels but if they are brought up in the Presbyterian Church they turn out to be howling jingoes. To me this was not a convincing argument, but it was left at that."

This is by far a better way off talking than any critique of the inherent flaws of the status quo [or whatever], and he was a Wobbly!

Friday, 7 March 2014

PM - Friday 7th March 2014

I do really like PM, I think Eddie Mair is great at it! But where does BBC Radio 4 get the legitimacy to hound the met about their [admited] failings years ago? I listen to BBC Radio 4 every day, and the closest you ever get to a minority voice [outside Peter White] is the occasional 11:30 programme about ethnic issues, here one day [to salve the middle class consciousness] gone the next. BBC Radio 4 is about the most Middle-Class, White, London-centric which could be described as "Establishment"

Beware your hectoring, The Met failed: we knew that, as much as we know BBC Radio 4 failed.

You and Yours - Every Weekday BBC Radio 4

This is the most blatant consumer programme for gullible upper middle-class idiots who deserve to come under the label of "a fool and their money are soon parted" therefor I find it very hard to feel sympathy, and am often in tears of laughter when not so incrdibly annoyed.

So far this week we have had people who have complained about overcharging on their "cosmetic" dentistry, so it was unneccessary and for your vanity, unneccessaray dentistry seems like a bad way to spend your money, perhaps you ought to have asked the dentist what 'exactly' he/she intended to do with your teeth, and what the intended outcome was.

We have had people had a fashion expert selling the new "fashion" of "normcore" where people wear clothes we already wear, presumably while paying over the odds for those clothes: this the day after interviewing Karl Lagerfeld on his opinion that ladies should dress up to go to the supermarket, varying their style depending upon which Supermarket!

I have heard some annoying wife bemoaning that Railtrack prostrate themselves as some idiots have died through crossing railway lines: note to self, if I die on a really dangerous thing, with huge fast dangerous metal things, it is clearly my fault [I think I can see a line in suing them for my family].

We have had the sickening presenters accusing food retailers of forcing us to eat more sugar than is safe, by selling things with a lot of sugar, never questioning those who buy the products.

And those who complained about a website charged them money for their child's idiocy ... if the child had no access to your bank account, they would not have been able to spend your money, your fault!!!!

Then a peice upon why they like to travel down to Cornwall of a Friday to buy the fish they like, as it is "soo better than that in the supermarket", you have to pay a bit more, as it is worth it: yes, we can all just bugger off to Cornwall of a Friday to spend our money on the finest fish, it is so simple. [This reminds me of the time I heard "The Food Programme" criticising people in Scotland for eating fish & chips, when we have such great fish in our own country: as we know the best fish is 'always' available at knockdown prices on the High Street]

You and yours - there is an ancient Latin saying "Caveat Emptor" - Those who actively chase avaricedeserve what they get.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ukraine - on the BBC

On Radio 4 there has been a lot of blah, blah, blah, especially from John Simpson about Ukraine, here are the Facts, the USA do not want to do anything, the EU can't do anything, Russia have already done something

Monday, 3 March 2014

PM -Report by Joshua Rosenberg

This man started his report by stating you could not believe what is going on here, oh yes I could!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Vent - Radio 4 Extra

Of late I have a lot of time for "Vent" a not incredibly laugh out lot comedy on Radio 4 Extra about a man in a coma starring Neil Pearson [well, in the second season he is recovering from a coma]. Like I say, it is not 'laugh out loud' comedy, but comas rarely are. But laugh out loud I did last night when I heard the following:

"You are the ugliest person I have never slapped!" - "You have never sla-"

Hey, I never said it was funny, just that I laughed.

Broadcasting House - Interview with Peter Hitchens

What did I do in a previous life? Why must I be subjected to the inane ramblings of Peter "I am not a racist, but ..." Hitchens on Radio 4 of a Sunday morning? Why are such people given the oxygen of publicity.

Peter Hitchens [why are you such an abject loser when compared to your brother?] was invited onto BH to waffle on about his thoughts on Nigel Farage's claims that "felt uncomfortable" travelling on a train as he did not hear the people speaking english. Peter duly backed it up, by claiming that people in a country ought fall into line and only speak the language of the majority.

Ahem, Nigel & Peter, what kind of weirdo perverts are you that you travel about on trains eavesdropping on other peoples' conversations? Why do you not mind your own fucking business? I am allowed the right of free speech in this country, meaning I can speak English, Farsee or gibberish, when and if I want. Peter also proclaimed that enghlish was the language of the country.

You are so wrong, Peter, English is the language of the English "people" not the country, they "the english people" choose to speak it, they do not need to be hectored by you. You need to go back to your Marxist roots .....

Saturday, 1 March 2014

This Week in Parliament - Saturday 1st March 2014

Now I guess I am about the only one to stick his head above the parapet on this, and I guess I am pretty stupid doing so, but that is me. I never think about the consequences, I pretty much make up my mind then say it, so let us not change things because societal moods have changed.

This week has seen several members of the Labour Party struggle to distance themselves from a part of the civil rights movement about which they were not comfortable, okay. But you are denying a voice to people: I was brought up with the concept that human rights are UNIVERSAL and that civil liberties ought be INVIOLABLE.

Now, I am not into their thing [but that is irrelevant] but we all are allowed to voice our opinion, and some of the most unpalatable lines of thought have become mainstream in the long term. All the time this ignores the fact that if you can not differentiate peodophilia from pederasty you are a shallow person who might need to read some more before you vent an opinion.